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Kandi Pad Pro comes with all the amazing features of a free account plus:
No AdsNo AdsGet rid of those pesky ads and focus on what really matters: your creativity!
Private ProjectsPrivate ProjectsPrefer your pattern not appear in the public gallery? Kandi Pad Pro gives you access to advanced permissions settings, including the ability to set your projects to "Private", making you the only one able to view them.
Custom PalettesCustom Color PalettesPersonalize and enhance your Kandi Pad editor experience by crafting an unlimited number of your own unique color palettes.
Reference Image Background RemovalAI-Powered Background RemovalEliminate irrelevant elements by removing the background of your uploaded images, and generate a cleaner pattern of your desired subject.
30 FREE Kandi Pad AI Credits per MonthMore Kandi Pad AI CreditsWhile basic users only get 6 Free Kandi Pad AI Credits per month, Pro subscribers will get 30 Free Credits every month!
Custom WatermarksCustom WatermarksProtect your original designs, establish your personal brand, and showcase your unique style with a custom watermark.
Profile UpgradesProfile UpgradesStand out from the crowd with a "Kandi Pad Pro" profile ribbon and further express your personal brand with enhanced profile photos.
Dark ThemeDark ThemePrefer a darker, easier-on-the-eyes environment? Toggle between dark and light kandipad.com themes to best suit your creative needs.
… and More!Choose your plan and subscribe today to gain access to all the great features Kandi Pad Pro has to offer! Your subscription cost will be locked in, and will remain the same even if prices go up in the future.
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