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How To Read Kandi Patterns

This quick tutorial will help teach you how to begin your kandi projects and provide you with a basic knowledge that can be applied to both vertical and horizontal kandi cuff projects, regardless of the orientation of the beads. Also referred to as a peyote stitch or multi-stitch pattern.

Typical Pattern Layout:

Step 1: Thread String Through Bead Row 1

Begin by threading all of the beads from Row 1 onto your string, beginning with the left-most bead and ending with the right-most bead.

Step 2: Alternate String Through Next and Previous Rows

While the concept is the same throughout, the thread order of the beads differs depending on whether you are creating a cuff or a flat panel. The following illustrations refer to threading a flat panel. Visit our "How to Make a Kandi Cuff" tutorial for in-depth instructions on how to thread beads for cuffs or bracelets.

The main idea for Row 2 and up is to alternate threading a bead from the next row with the previous row.

So for Row 2 you will thread a bead from row 2, then back through a bead in row 1, then the next bead in row 2, etc.

For Row 3 you will thread a bead from row 3, then back through a bead in row 2, then the next bead in row 3, etc.

Keep repeating this pattern until you've made it all the way to top!

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